July 27, 2020

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Dr. Eyad Al Mchref, CEO

Bioscience GMBH

We first engaged with BrainLake in 2019, when they delivered 4 unique brand guidelines for our products. The BrainLake team headed by Maher, was always present with an excellent and flexible customer service. We then engaged with them to create advertising commercials for our products in 2020 and we couldn’t have made a better choice. Our needs and wants were immediately understood and their team arranged for everything, from concepts to execution to delivering impeccable results. BrainLake’s creativity, quality, trustworthiness, quick understanding and turnaround is what keeps us coming back for a seamless and excellent experience.

Assaad Khater, Business Partner


Collaboration with BrainLake fueled innovation and inspiration - the team dedication, commitment and expertise are remarkable, they bring new perspectives and ideas and are able to generate insightful and unique concepts from thinking through design and delivery of products. BrainLake human centric design capabilities blended with inspiration and creativity brings a new perspective to their customers helping them transform, deliver excellence, and constantly innovate using the latest trends and techniques

Jinane Saliba, Senior Director of Business Operations

stc Bahrain

One of the great things about Brain Lake is the passion & delight they bring to the table…

When telecoms company stc Bahrain adopted the motto ‘Lets go forward’, it kicked off an initiative set to transform the country’s B2B telecom sector and empower customers with smarter, best-in class services by the end of 2021.

The company, founded in 2010, is known as a disruptor in the market, and has been leading the way for innovation for some time. “We’re very customer-centric. We’ve won multiple awards for customer service, and with Salesforce, we’re getting ready to take it to the next level,” revealed Jinane Saliba, Senior Director of Business Operations at the company.

“The pandemic had a major impact on finance, but by staying close to customers and giving them incentives to pay a percentage of their outstanding bills we made it through,” explained Saliba. “With more people working from home we also ramped up our service and product portfolios, rolling out more cyber security solutions for example.”

To react quickly to change, stc Bahrain relies on agile technology and rich customer insights. We wanted to implement touch points to operate & increase agility and resilience.

The company kicked off its digital transformation in 2020 by revamping the B2B website / portal with Brain Lake. Impressed with its user-friendly interface, flexibility, and scalability, it extended its functionality with the B2B dedicated mobile app in December 2020.

Their design partner Brain Lake helped to customize and roll out the solution, running weekly workshops to understand stc Bahrain’s business goals and optimize the platform accordingly.

“One of the great things about Brain Lake is the passion & delight they bring to the table… Our users are very happy with the new design outcome and we’ve now learned to configure it in-house,” revealed Saliba.